Vet'ion is a giant with a poor sense of fashion and an affinity for lightning. He really enjoys summoning lightning bolts wherever you happen to be standing so be sure to move constantly. Just like the rest of the old school wilderness bosses he drops a Dragon Pickaxe and a unique ring, The Ring of the Gods. Vet'ion can be found in game either utilizing the 'Boss Teleports', then proceeding to 'Oldschool Bosses', and choosing Vet'ion. If you choose to traverse the wilderness, he resides in the wilderness at level 31 wilderness directly northeast of the graveyard. This is multi-combat wilderness, so be aware of your surroundings.

Preferred attack style is range, as you are able to move around frequently and hit at a constant fast pace. Deflect melee is utilized for attacks made directly in-front of the boss. The lightning does rapid magic damage and can hit over forty-health when not monitored as long as you move you will not be hit by it. Inventory should consist of restores and food.

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