Venenatis is a big ol' spider that uses magic, melee, and poison to harm you. What's interesting is this boss hits you two times at once and can hurt you quite a bit. He is hands down the most difficult of the old school wilderness bosses and just like the other three 'Oldschool Bosses' he drops a dragon pick axe and a unique ring. The treasonous ring.

Venenatis is a difficult enemy to oppose. The trickiness of his attack styles makes people question what attack style and gear to use. Using melee, or range, are both suitable for killing this spider. Range gear allows for a more constant prayer of magic protect. Be sure to analyze with the hit point identification system which he is most often striking you with. Inventory should consist of restores, food, and an anti poison. Make sure to monitor your health as the poison (if you haven't already consumed an anti-poison) will eat away slowly at your health.

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