This boss has been a staple in any non-skillers arsenal. To find TzTok-Jad [Jad] locate the 'Minigames Teleport' and teleport to the Tzhaar Fight Cave, there you will find the cave opening. It is strictly Solo PVM [Player versus Monster] and you are unable to bank or refill your inventory without exiting the round at hand. After completing the single wave of Jad, you are reward with a fire cape, and an amount of Tokkul between one thousand to three thousand. This is a fairly easy boss which has a strict drop table of Tokkul and a fire cape.

What occurs in the Jad fight? Well if you are utilizing the favored range attack style, then Jad will perform a random switching of Magic and Range attacks. Each is represented with a different animation. For magic, Jad bows forward and generates a meteor upon his back. For range, Jad will push onto his hind-legs and will slam the ground causing rocks to fall. There is a simple prayer switch between magic, and range - which you have a lengthy amount of time to alternate. There are similar steps with melee, but is not recommended. Inventory should consist of restores, food, or even better saradomin brews with overloads. Remember, you're unable to bank without forfeiting the round.

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