The Tome of Inquisition can be used to view the entire drop tables of a specific NPC. The Tome is included in the starter items when creating a new character, but can also be bought from the Trader shop, located on the docks South of home, for 100gp. The Tome is trade able, but has no real market value.

Utilizing the Tome


Left clicking on the Tome will display some basic instructions:

"Use" this Tome on any NPC, then select "View-drops" to see it's entire drop table.

Using on a Monster

After using the Tome on a NPC, the following message will indicate success:

Monster has been scanned to your tome.
You can now select View drops on the tome to investigate the drops from your monster.

View drops

After selecting View drops, a color coded window will appear, displaying the entire drop table of your monster. The quantity of the item, item name, and value are displayed.

Rock Crab Drop Table

Item Value

The items value will change the text color of the item in the interface. The numbers shown are based off the price-checker values, and are likely not accurate market representations.

  • Over 100m = Orange
  • Over 10m = Purple
  • Over 1m = Blue
  • Over 100k = Green
  • Over 10k = Yellow
  • 10k or Less = White