Upon reaching level 99 in a skill, and using the corresponding skillcape in either untrimmed or trimmed form, you will gain a special benefit in the skill.

As you unlock achievement capes requiring you to have all skills maxed, you will be able to use all of the skillcape benefits at once.

Capes Giving All Benefits

  • Max Cape
  • Completionist Cape
  • 200m Cape

Gives benefits for all maxed skills you have

  • Member Cape

Below is the table which includes all of the skills and their effects.

Skill Effect Member Bonus Toggleable Notes
Attack None - suggest one on the forums! --- --- ---
Defence Acts as a Ring of Life - will attempt to teleport you away when your HP is below 10% of your maximum HP. N/A No Will consume your Ring of Life if you're also wearing one. Does not work in the Wilderness, Duel Arena, and other minigames.
Strength None - suggest one on the forums! --- --- ---
Constitution Applies Rapid Heal's prayer effect. N/A No Doesn't stack with Rapid Heal prayer effect.

Stacks with Regen Bracelet.

Ranged Acts as an Ava's backpack - has a 82% chance of not consuming ammunition each attack. N/A No The Zaryte's unique ammo effect will override this effect.

Acts as a Bonecrusher - instantly burying any bones from a monster drop.

Double XP from bones Yes (operate cape) Does not stack with Bonecrusher
Magic A 10% chance of saving you all runes while casting a spell. N/A No N/A
Cooking None - suggest one on the forums! --- --- ---
Woodcutting An additional 6% chance to keep a tree alive when it should've died. N/A No N/A
Fletching A 10% chance to instantly fletch your bow into a strung bow. N/A No N/A
Fishing Catch fish without proper tool. N/A No Still requires you to have the proper bait.
Firemaking A 10% chance to salvage a log. N/A No N/A
Crafting A 10% chance of instantly turning a gemstone you are cutting into an amulet. N/A No Sapphire: Amulet of Magic, Emerald: Amulet of Defence, Ruby: Amulet of Strength, Diamond: Amulet of Power, Dragonstone: Amulet of Glory, Onyx: Amulet of Fury
Smithing A 1/3 chance to save you some coal while smithing bars. N/A No N/A

Will automatically bank any gems found while mining.

A 1/3 chance of giving double coal while mining coal.

N/A No N/A
Herblore A 10% chance to salvage an herb while mixing unfinished potions. N/A No N/A
Agility Infinite run energy. N/A No N/A
Thieving Instantly converts your loot into 50% of it's selling price. N/A No N/A
Slayer Do not lose your slayer streak when skipping tasks. N/A No N/A
Farming Will automatically note any harvests. N/A No N/A
Runecrafting A 25% chance of recycling each rune ess, and crafting it again. N/A No N/A
Construction None - suggest one on the forums! --- --- ---
Hunter Double loot from all catches. N/A No N/A
Summoning 10% chance to save a charm while creating pouches. N/A No N/A
Dungeoneering Acts as a Charming Imp - either retrives or converts charm drops into experience. N/A Yes - settings carry over from Charming Imp Does not stack with Charming Imp