One of the endgame bosses within this server has a whopping 2,400 health. Upon entering her lair your stats will be drained due to an illness inflicted upon you which thankfully doesn't last the entire fight. During the first phase of Nex you can be poisoned as well. There are four minions that are invulnerable until you do a set amount of damage to Nex. The invulnerability switches to Nex whenever you've reached that set damage and must kill her minion. Nex has two phases one in which she attacks with magic based damage and after two minions die she switches to melee and undefined. Undefined damage is a type few bosses have that cannot be blocked. Throughout the entirety of this fight you will be frozen in place by Nex and her minions. Nex drops decent loot even if you do not get a rare drop. She drops large amounts of grimy herbs, saradomin brews, dragon boots, rune armor, and trio tokens. Her rare drops are Torva, Virtrus, and Pernix sets. She has a unique tablet that cannot be obtained until you have the prerequisite tablet.