General Graardor is one of the four bosses located within the godwars dungeon. You must kill 20 followers of bandos and have a hammer within your inventory to be able to access this boss. If you are a donator you can get to him without the kills or the hammer. He attacks with a hard hitting melee attack and an area of effect range attack that is likely to do some damage. Following a similar pattern the like other three Godwars bosses, General Graardor has three minions that represent the three combat types; range, mage, and melee.

General Graardor is a fairly simple boss which can be done with a variety of gear. Commonly used is either melee, or range gear. Inventory should consist of restores, food, or even better saradomin brews with overloads. Another added benefit to defeating this boss is a familiar. Utilizing summoning familiars is beneficial in the long run. Overall this boss can be easily done with a fast kill time. Make sure to always monitor prayer and acknowledge his different attack styles. The associated prayer to be used is protect from melee - or if you are utilizing curses, the deflect melee pray will work.

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